Decorating home with an AI (DALL-E 2)

Jesus Larrubia
2 min readSep 14, 2022


Obtaining “exclusive” access

Recently, I was luckily chosen (again) to try one of the new products released by OpenAI. This time, it was DALL-E 2, the system capable of generating art/images from a natural language description. Same as it happened with other models, the access is initially limited to some people that signed up for their waitlist.

Impressed by the results

Honestly, I was amazed by the images created by the AI that spread on the Internet after the first version was launched, back in January 2021, so I was very excited when I found I had access and could test the performance on my own. Well, after playing with DALLE for a while, I have to say… the results are actually pretty striking. Not just because of the quality of the art generated or the high level of understanding shown by the machine but also because of the repertoire of styles the pieces can follow: “oil paints”, “Picasso style”, “by Gustav Klimt”, “Ukiyo-e”, “3D render”, “Cyberpunk illustration…

Examples of works generated from simple descriptions

The variety of the works is just impressive.

Hanging a DALL-E on my wall

Sometimes, I like to talk with friends and family about the speedy progress of technology (generally AI) and how that is affecting or will affect us. But often, I feel like I miss tangible examples of real applications in our simple daily life events.

Just a while ago I moved to a new house and learned that decorating is tiring. Apart from good taste, you need to search a lot so you can find the best piece to cover each gap in the “puzzle”. But now, I would have a tool to precisely build the piece I need. And I could show my friends art created by a “Machine”.

At home, we love plants, wood, and natural decor. So I wanted a nature-related paint on my hallway. Finding one that’d match the style and colors was being hard but, now, I could create something that tailored to our needs.

After a few attempts trying different options, I found it. Just loved it. A — kind of abstract — family of elephants in the savanna, using a pastel color palette, Ukiyo-e style.

The paint generated by DALLE-2
Beautifully looking on my wall

Is the future of home decor already here?